The five fat loss foundations to follow if you really want to lose weight… – The Sun

The five fat loss foundations to follow if you really want to lose weight… – The Sun

WHETHER it’s your first ever “diet” or your millionth, starting a weight loss journey can be pretty overwhelming.

Everyone claims to have “the secret” to fat loss – from troves of experts on social media to your best friend. 


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Graeme’s new book: THE FITNESS CHEF – Lose Weight Without Losing Your MindCredit: SUPPLIED

It can lead down a path of yo-yo dieting, drastically dropping pounds using the latest weight loss hack, before piling it all on again.

Cut through all the noise, and long-term weight loss has some very basic foundations.

And it doesn’t have to involve completely overhauling your current way of eating or cutting out entire food groups (we’ve all been there).

That’s according to Graeme Tomlinson, known as The Fitness Chef and author of Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind.

The former personal trainer rose to stardom on Instagram – now with one million followers – by giving people the tools they need to successfully lose weight without becoming miserable on a strict and trendy diet. 

On Monday, Graeme explained why 10 of the most common and popular diet tips are nonsense, from cutting out sugar to carbs and everything in between.

So what should you do instead? Graeme reveals the cornerstones of losing weight in a sensible and simple way:

1. Reduce calories

The number one rule of losing weight is: you have to be consuming fewer calories than you are burning, called a “calorie deficit”.

“If you’re somebody who’s confused, and you don’t know where to start [with weight loss], it makes sense to understand how many calories you’re eating and get a bit of an education,” says Graeme. 

“For a lot of people, it’s a wake up call.”

He explains: “A chicken salad seems healthy before you realise the 25ml of olive oil you’re adding is 200-300 calories. 

“You can reduce that to 5ml without starting a whole new diet, it’s just a small tweak.”

Don’t panic though – you don’t have to count calories by weighing all your food and using a tracking app forever, promises Graeme.

“Calorie counting is a temporary education,” he says. “Whether you do it for two weeks or two months, you have that knowledge for the rest of your life. 

“And you can begin to eye-ball portion sizes instead of having to weigh stuff all the time.” 

2. Make small, slow changes

The “easy” route is a crash diet that lasts only a month or two, with quick results. 

The harder route, which could take a year or more, is making gradual, sustainable changes to your diet, says Graeme.

He warns against “ripping up your entire diet and starting a new one” – because who needs that kind of stress in their life?

Instead, take a look at your favourite …….


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